Minneapolis (MN). Consul General Visits Minneapolis Sept. 21-22

From September 21st-22nd, Consul General of France Vincent Floreani made a special visit to Minnesota, accompanied by Michel Gilbert, Vice President, Central U.S., Invest in France Agency North America. While there, they met with Dr. André Terzic, the Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine, and Dr. Véronique Roger, a specialist in cardiovascular diseases, at Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit group for medical practice and research in Rochester, Minnesota. They also talked with Dominique Conseil, CEO of Aveda, a company which strives to be green and carbon neutral.

Then he presented the Palmes Académiques to three distinguished professionals from Minneapolis and Saint-Paul: Françoise Denis, Joëlle Vitello, and Christina Selander Bouzouina. The Palmes Académiques are awarded for dedication to teaching and the development of knowledge.

Françoise Denis taught for many years at prestigious institutions such as The Blake School, Carelton College, and Macalester College. She integrated new technologies into her courses through multimedia programs. Ms. Denis retired in 2012, but remains active in the Francophone community, including editing the Bulletin des professeurs de français du Minnesota, coordinating the Cercle de lecture des villes jumelles, and co-charing the Library Committee at the Alliance Française.

Joëlle Vitello served as the Director of the Department of French and Francophone studies at Macalester College from 2006-2012 and continues to teach French to this day. She is a specialist of francophone writers from the Maghreb, the Caribbean, and Africa. She remains a member of several French associations, including French Association for Women, International Council for Francophone Studies, and President of the Minnesota AATF.

Christina Selander Bouzouina is the Executive Director of the Alliance Française de Minneapolis / Saint Paul and Honory Consul of France for Minnesota. Under her leadership, the Alliance Française de Minneapolis / Saint Paul experienced an impressive growth in its educational and cultural offerings, becoming one of the most dynamic Midwestern Alliances. She is an important partner for the Consulate General, the Cultural Services, and Business France. She is especially active as a member of the steering committee of Marianne Midwest which offers live webinars in the Midwest with French speakers.

mayo clinic

Michel Gilbert, Christina Selander Bouzouina, Dr. Véronique Roger, Consul General and Dr. André Terzic at Mayo Clinic

Dominique Conseil

Dominique Conseil, CEO of Aveda, Christina Selander Bouzouina, Consul General Vincent Floreani, and Michel Gilbert

Christina S-B

Consul General and Christina Seldander Bouzouina outside the Alliance Française de Minneapolis / St. Paul

Palmes Academqiues MN

Consul General with Françoise Denis, Joëlle Vitello, and Christina Selander Bouzouina after the presentation of the Palmes Académiques