2011 Video Ecology Contest for French Language High School students in the Midwest
Deadline : 03/31/2011


The Cultural Service of the Consulate General of France in Chicago, the Embassy of France in Washington D.C., and The Maud Fontenoy Foundation present an ecology contest for High School students enrolled in French language class in the Midwest in celebration of the theme marine environment and ocean conservation.

The Green Connection is a new initiative of the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France in the United States in which American high school students participate each year in an educational and scientific trip to La Rochelle, France, organized around the theme of ecology.

Participants will be selected through a regional competition for which candidates will submit proposals for local or personal projects in the field of environmental protection.

American high school students will be invited to submit individual project proposals for local or personal initiatives for environmental protection. Each proposal will be in the form of a short audiovisual presentation (video clip). Proposals should show the student’s interest in environmental issues and his or her commitment to environmental protection.


1. This contest is open to all American high school students (9th-12th grades) who learn French at school in Midwest.

Important Notice: The 1st prize winner must be at least 16 years old at the time of entry into the French territory.

2. Each proposal must be in the form of a short audiovisual presentation (reporting, interviews, etc.) with a maximum length of 4 minutes.

3. The material submitted must be the student’s original creation and the participant may only use video images that he/she recorded him/herself. Voice-over narration and interviews can be in French and/or English.

The audiovisual presentation must include:

* The name of the person submitting the presentation;

* An identification of the environment/surroundings featured in the video (region, city, neighborhood, etc.);

* A description of the proposed initiative and how it will affect daily life in the community;

* A demonstration of the student’s interest in environmental issues and his/her commitment to environmental protection.


1st prize: An all-expense-paid educational trip to La Rochelle, France (July 4 to July 14, 2011) for the best video.

2nd and 3rd prizes: The Cultural Service of the Consulate General of France in Chicago will offer French books, CDs, and comic books to the second and third best videos.

How to Apply?

1st step: Post the videos of the participating students on YouTube and report the links on the contest application form. To create a YouTube account visit http://www.youtube.com/create_account?next=%2F

2d step: Send your application form (one per participating class) by email only to: jean-francois.rochard@diplomatie.gouv.fr

3rd step: Send a copy of your application form (one per participating class) with your check payment made payable to “AATF” ($5 per participating student) to:

Jean-François Rochard
Cultural Service
Consulate General of France
205 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 3710
Chicago, IL 60601

If you are unable to post your video on YouTube, please copy your presentation to a CD and mail it in with your application form and your check payment.


For information and application :

Concours Green Connection:

PDF - 387.5 kb
(PDF - 387.5 kb)


La Rochelle: "Atlantic City":

PDF - 230.7 kb
(PDF - 230.7 kb)



Word - 22 kb
(Word - 22 kb)

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