Academy of Paris Delegation in Chicago


Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by Chicago Public Schools and the Académie de Paris on June 7th, 2012, a delegation led by François Weil, Recteur de l’Académie de Paris (Superintendent for Paris) and Chancellor of the Universities, went to Chicago from October 1-4, 2013.

Developing international relations and amplifying the exchanges between Paris’s education community and its partners is one of the priorities of Académie de Paris for its new strategic plan for 2013-2016. To this purpose, 7 partnerships were signed between schools in Chicago and in Paris (two at elementary level, two at middle school level, and three at high school level).

  • École 6 rue Vaucanson (3ème) / Murray Language Academy
  • École 11 rue de la Plaine (20ème) / Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
  • Collège Jules Romains (7ème) / Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
  • Collège George Sand (13ème) / Alcott College Prep
  • Cité scolaire Paul Bert (14ème) / Whitney Young High School
  • Lycée Rabelais (18ème) / Marie Sklodwoska Curie Metropolitan High School
  • Lycée Brassens (19ème ) / Chicago High School for Arts

On Thursday, Oct. 3, the principals of the schools involved signed the memorandums of understanding between their schools, in the presence of Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, and Superintendent François Weil.

The memorandums underline the importance of creating exchanges between the students, the teachers but also the school staff in Paris and in Chicago. They also promote the use of innovative educational practice, the teaching of both languages, arts and cultures, vocational studies, the presence of French teachers in Chicago as part of the Jules Verne Program, etc. Developing the international dimension in teaching will mutually benefit both education systems.

The Delegation was welcomed at Chicago High School for the Arts and Marie Curie Metropolitan High School on an official visit. It also met the members of the French and American education communities at the Alliance Française de Chicago.

The Rectorat de Paris would like to warmly thank the Consulate General of France in Chicago and the French Embassy in the United States for their help in this project.


Last modified on 03/12/2015

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