C’est la Ville: Urban Voices from Paris & Chicago

Introductory remarks by Consul General of France Vincent Floreani on the occasion of the opening-reception of an audio installation by ARTE Radio "C’est la Ville!: Urban Voices from Paris and Chicago" at the Poetry Foundation.
(October 18, 2014)

Dear Friends,

Dear Robert Polito,

Dear Silvain Gire,

Dear friends,

What a pleasure to welcome Arte Radio back in Chicago! For the last 12 years, this truly creative radio has been developing innovative ideas to link the world through the power of sounds and words.

The return of Arte Radio to Chicago demonstrates how important it is, not only to come to Chicago, but to return and spend time here. Under all its forms, the residence model is the best tool in the cultural and artistic domain. This is the best way to build solid relationships. Even though Chicago and Paris are “sister cities,” there is still much to discover.

In 2012, the Cultural Service organized the invitation of Arte Radio to the “Third Coast” radio festival where Silvain Gire presented an auditory documentary on Marseille. It was immediately well received by both the public and radio professionals.

In 2013, the Cultural Service invited Arte Radio to return for a series of meetings with local partners. The idea was to create original digital platforms: webdocs, electronic frescos, and sound journeys.

Robert Polito and Stephen Young instantly teamed up with Silvain. Their meeting inspired the sound installation that we will experience tonight. It mixes songs by young French and American performers with ambient sounds taken from Paris and Chicago. I would like to welcome the sound director, Samuel Hirsch. What a pleasure to be able to listen to this sound creation at the Chicago Poetry Foundation, a one of a kind institution! And what a pleasure to experience the installation during Open House Chicago in this beautiful building designed by Johan Ronan! Soon, it will be the turn of the Parisian public to discover this installation that will be presented at the Maison de la Poésie.

Thanks to Arte Radio, Chicago and Paris are related even more closely in 2014.

What styles could come after this? I know that Silvain secretly wishes to set-up “tourist applications” that would allow people to discover Chicago through creative walking tours. Once again, returning and spending time in Chicago: that is the key and the strength of great artistic collaborations.

Thank you for your presence here tonight.

Good evening and enjoy the installation.

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