Consul General Lacroix special guest at Lake Forest College

Consul General Lacroix was the special guest of Lake Forest College where he gave a lecture on "Redefining France: ’Great’ National and International Debates". The event which was organized by Professor of French Cynthia Hahn, gathered International Relations and Politics students as well as community members. Guillaume Lacroix and students exchanged on the current political, economic and social situation in France.

JPEG “Lake Forest College is a great liberal arts college in Illinois. Thank you for the invitation to speak about the current situation in France and the challenges that our societies, here and in Europe, have to deal with. The students were very well-prepared for the discussion,” Consul General Lacroix.

JPEGIt was an occasion for students to learned about diplomatic services as a career path.

Article from the Lake Forest College, Literature Department:

Last modified on 30/04/2019

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