EU Mission USA « Feeding the Planet »

Introductory remarks by Consul General of France Vincent Floreani on the occasion of a reception honoring EU Mission USA « Feeding the Planet » - Agri-Food and Biotech Clusters from France, Italy and the Netherlands.- Chicago (Illinois)
(September 9, 2014)

Dear David Baker, VP External Affairs, Illinois Institute of Technology
Dear members of the Feeding the Planet cluster,
Dear colleagues Consuls general,
Dear Friends

It is a great honor for me to be here with you tonight for welcoming the delegation of three European countries gathered in the cluster “Feeding the Planet”.
It’s an important event. Together, we need to work even more closely to address the many challenges we are facing, at national, regional and global levels. Let me name some of them, in very simple terms:

-  Food security, which means finding ways to produce enough food for a growing global population;
-  Changing food needs. A generally wealthier global population has changing new food needs we have to cope with;
-  Food safety. Which means making sure that food does not harm our peoples’ health;
-  Food awareness. Making sure that people consume food properly and fight overweight.

This is why I would like to thank the Europe Union for setting up this common and shared coherent international strategy.
The European “Feeding the Planet” cluster aims at developing business opportunities and partnerships at international level in the agro-food sector, to the benefit of innovative and biotech-based enterprises, innovative research centers and food companies/SMEs.
France’s National Research and Innovation Strategy plan placed food and biotechnologies as a top priority.

Tonight we welcome a French cluster named Agropolis. It was founded in 1986 in the city of Montpellier by research and higher education institutes working in the field of agriculture, food, biodiversity and environment. It also received support of government and local authorities.
Working in the South of France, Agropolis is also opened to the Mediterranean, and to the world.

The visit in the US of this European cluster exhibits the huge potential of research and innovation that is available in France and in Europe.
I am confident that this visit will make possible to initiate new contacts with American clusters that will result in the near future in fruitful collaborations and further exchanges./.

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