Expo Chicago 2014

Introductory remarks by Consul General of France Vincent Floreani on the occasion of Expo Chicago 2014 - "In Conversation: French Curator Exchange".
(September 19, 2014)

Dear Friends:

I’m delighted to be here tonight with you on the occasion of Expo Chicago, it is a truly impressive and world-class art fair.

This international event is the perfect venue to build new bridges and develop new partnerships. I’m pleased to announce that the Cultural Services of the Consulate of France in Chicago with the support of Institut Français in Paris have devised and organized a series of exciting cross-cultural programs between Paris and Chicago.

First, two French curators, Guillaume Désanges and Matthieu Poirier, are participating in Expo Chicago this week. Then, in October, two American curators, Naomi Beckwith of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and Megha Ralapati of Hyde Park Art Center will participate in the FIAC (International Fair of Contemporary Art) in Paris. Fabrice Rozié our Cultural Attaché and Stephanie Cristello from Expo Chicago will accompany them in France.

In November, Tricia Van Eck, director of the gallery 6018 North will travel to Paris to mark the end of this first year of Franco-American curators exchanges program.

We have common goals, one of them is to establish lasting collaborations between artistic scenes and art markets in Paris and Chicago, and beyond with France and with the Midwest.

In 2015, for the next Expo Chicago, we are already exploring new ideas like a series of French artistic expositions in local museums, French artist residencies in Chicago and American residencies in Paris, as well as trips for French collectors in the Midwest and for American collectors in France.

I’m convinced that the conversation that will follow between our French and American curators will greatly help shape these new cross-cultural programs.

Have a nice evening!

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