The Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy, in Chicago and the Purdue University Global Engineering Program are co-organizing a French-American Symposium on “Developing Partnerships for Sustainable Water Management and Agriculture in the context of Climate and Global Change”. About 100 invited scientists from France, the United States and the international community will attend the symposium. The meeting is intended for attendees from institutions, including universities, research labs, industry and policy-makers from public and private sectors.

The symposium aims to :

enhance the development of strong US-French partnerships in research, education and industry to address issues of climate change, sustainable water management and agriculture.

present needs and skills to policy makers, research laboratories and firms.

develop new opportunities for partnerships and collaborative initiatives in research, innovation and education between France and the United States.

Global climate change and the related effects on water quantity and quality extremes impact the daily lives of millions of individuals and societies around the world. The symposium will develop new partnerships for sustainable water management in agriculture that will lay the groundwork for improved research, education and development opportunities to address: (1) water resource management under water shortage/extremes; (2) impact of human activities on agricultural water quality and water quality impact of agricultural activities; (3) drinking water quality; (3) climate changes related issues and impact on ground water; (4) multi-scale water and land-use modeling and uncertainties; (5) integration of physical, sociological, social sciences to policy; (6) innovation in education; and (7) the enhancement of interaction and synergies between industries and academic institutions.

These challenges are not unique to the partner countries. They go beyond their borders to impact food security, biodiversity and indigenous species, flood control, the interface of human activity (industry, agriculture, urbanization) and eco-systems, tools for accurate prediction and measurement of soil-climate-crop system interactions, and the education of globally competent scientist and engineers.

The symposium is sponsored by the Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States, NSF, OECD and Purdue University (Office of the Vice President of Research, College of Engineering, College of Agriculture, Global Engineering Programs, Indiana Water Resources Research Center, International Programs, International Programs in Agriculture, Center for Environment). The event benefits from the support of several French research institutions : INRA, INPT, IAMM, IRD, ONEMA, CNRS-INEE. We also received strong support from Veolia Water North America, the French world leader in water services, and from Invest in France Agency.

Key themes of the presentations and discussions will be summarized in reports and in a specialized journal to be shared with scientists and interested policy-makers in France, the United States and the broader international scientific community.

Complete program:

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