Film Grant and Program Available

The Tournées Festival Grant was conceived as a program to encourage schools to begin their own self-sustaining French film festivals. Since its inception, the program has partnered with hundreds of universities and made it possible for tens of thousands of students to discover French-language films...

The program is made possible with the generous support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Centre National de la Cinématographie, the Grand Marnier Foundation, the Florence Gould Foundation and the Franco-American Cultural Fund (SACEM, the Writers Guild of America, the Directors Guild of America and the Motion Picture Association).

The Tournées Festival selection is made of the best films released in France in the past year, some of which have not yet been shown in U.S. theaters. The selection is a real reflection of what French authors are up to. You will find a wide array of genres, from the pure fiction of established filmmakers For more information, visit the website or view the flyer.

Dernière modification : 06/07/2007

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