French American Science Festival: The LHC - From dark matter particles to extra dimensions

The French-American Science Festival was held for the eighth time during the sixth annual French American Innovation Midwest (FAIM) in Chicago. The FAIM is an annual series of events organized by the Consulate General of France in Chicago and its partners (the French-American Chamber of Commerce, the Alliance Française, etc.).

The Office for Science and Technology was involved in this event through the organization of the French-American Science Festival, first launch in 2011. This event aims at making science accessible to a broad audience and at promoting French-American scientific excellence. It is organized in partnership with the
University of Chicago, the Council for Science and Technology (C2ST) and the Alliance Française of Chicago. Over the past eight years, this event has gained visibility and a wider scope as part of the FAIM.

During this event, two different kinds of events were presented:
> A full-day of workshops, experiments and exhibits dedicated to schoolchildren from Chicago
> One public lecture on a key scientific subject

A French keynote speaker covered the topic of how the discovery of new particles that can explain the nature of dark matter, with a focus on the Large Hadron Collider, the largest particle accelerator located on the French-Swiss border.

The leading French scientist involved was Pr Christophe Royon, from Kansas University. He joined the University as a Foundation Distinguished Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy in January 2016. He won the Humboldt Research Award, the highest scientific award given by the German government in 2018. The lecture was held at the Alliance Française, in English, and open to all members of the public.


From left to right: Mégane Chesné (Deputy scientific attaché), Frédéric Cholé (deputy Consul), Christophe Royon (Foundation Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas), Aimée Laberge (Director of programs at the Alliance Française of Chicago), James Dat (Scientific Attaché)

This eighth edition of the French American Science Festival was a success thanks to the pool of talented innovators and high-level researchers. This event also highlighted the dynamism of French-American collaborations on these topics.
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