French curriculum schools

French-American Schools (k-12) are part of a worldwide network of over 450 international schools with French curriculum in nearly 140 countries (AEFE network). In the U.S. there are more than 40 schools with over 13,000 students. The education provided in these schools conforms to the curricula defined by the French Ministry of Education which give a French accreditation called Homologation.These schools compare to the best American public and private schools, renowned for their outstanding educational standards and their dedication to bilingual (and sometimes trilingual) studies and multiculturalism. A rigorous curriculum prepares students for the French national high school diploma: the Baccalauréat which is widely recognized by American as well as Canadian colleges (it gives credits). Full immersion in American culture allows the students the best possible access to North-American universities as well as to any higher education institution throughout the world. Each school is independent and administered by a board of trustees. Although in Miami and New Orleans some public schools offer the French curriculum. Their tuition fees range generally from $6,000 to $25,000 (no tuition fees in public schools).

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