Graduation ceremony of the prestigious French Pastry School.


It’s an honor to be with you today for the graduation ceremony of the prestigious French Pastry School.

Its co-founders, Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer and Chef Sébastien Cannone, are recognized masters and won several awards, in France, in the US and in many other parts of the world.

They have assembled a great team of chefs and employees and made this school the best Pastry School in America. This explains why this great school attracts students from every parts of the country.

Its reputation extends far beyond the US, with students present today from Canada, Latin America (Columbia, El Salvador, Mexico), from Asia (China, India, Thailand), from Africa (South Africa) and from Europe (Switzerland).

I would like to congratulate you on your graduation.

Becoming a good pastry chef requires a lot of commitment. This is the commitment you have shown during your training here. I’m sure you will keep this commitment in your future career.

During the weeks and months you spent here, the French Pastry School Chefs passed on to you a valuable know-how – “savoir faire”. This is the result of decades of practice and centuries of tradition. This savoir faire is an asset that will contribute to your future success. I’m convinced you value it.

You now own part of this tradition. That makes you ambassadors of French pastry making and ambassadors of the French pastry school. I have no doubt that, by your actions and your success, you will be great promoters of both.

You can also become a role model for others. Give other the inspiration to come to the French Pastry School and learn the art of making pastries.

Remember that when you work, you give joy to people. Everybody loves good pastries, me in particular. You will contribute to making people happy. This love for food is also very much in the French tradition. I’m sure it’s now part of you.


Merci beaucoup.

Last modified on 18/12/2015

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