Letter from Mr. Richard M. Daley, Mayor of the City of Chicago, read at the Spring Cocktail of the Consul General, celebrating the friendship of France and Chicago on May 11, 2009 :


As Mayor and on behalf of the City of Chicago, I extend warmest greeting to Consul General Jean Baptiste Main de Boissière and everyone gathered this evening to celebrate our city’s friendship with France.

From the French ties of Chicago’s first settler, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, to the French explorers who helped to shape out city’s future development, Chicago was influenced by France from its earliest days. We are proud of the contributions made to our city throughout the years as a result of this relationship and value the spirit of cooperation that unites us with our counterparts in France today. The strong ties we have forges in the arts and culture, trade, and civic collaboration help to enhance Chicago’s role as a global city.

Central to our city’s relationship with France is the sister city partnership we have enjoyed with Paris since 1996. Highlights of our partnership over the past decade include numerous educational, cultural and athletic exchanges, programs to promote economic development in key developing sectors such as biotechnology, as well as the sharing of best practices between our top city officials. I am proud our city is partnered with such a vibrant world capital and find great inspiration in the innovation and leadership of our counterparts in Paris.

I commend Consul General Jean Baptiste Main de Boissière and the Consulate General of France in Chicago for your tireless efforts to strengthen the ties between our nation and citizens. I look forward to continuing our partnership in the years ahead.

You have my best wishes for an enjoyable and memorable event.


Richard M. Daley


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