Lycée Français Graduation Ceremony


Chicago (IL), le 11 juin 2012. Discours prononcé par le Consul général à l’occasion de la céréemonie de Graduation au Lycée Français.

Chicago (IL), June 11, 2012. Speech given by the Consul General at the Graduation ceremony at the Lycée Français.

Dear Parents, students and friends of the Lycée français

1. Je suis très heureux de partager avec vous tous ce moment important qui marque la fin de la période du lycée et le début d’une nouvelle aventure pour les jeunes de terminale. Cette cérémonie est une sorte de rite de passage entre l’adolescence et l’âge adulte, c’est donc un événement mémorable pour les lycéens, leurs parents ainsi que leurs enseignants.

2. I would like to thank Mr. Mark ANGELSON, Deputy Mayor of Chicago, for taking some of his precious time to attend this event. Your presence here today is very meaningful and symbolic for all of us. It is a testimony of how well integrated the Lycée Français, a very unique immersion school following a French curriculum, is in the fabric of the great city of Chicago. How is the Lycée Français now fully part of the Chicago community. For example, very recently, the French School enthusiastically contributed to the activities organized by the host Committee around the NATO Summit. It is a true international school which attracts parents looking for a high quality education to Chicago and the Midwest.

The Lycée Français plays a key role in preparing the future generation for understanding and energetically participating in the transatlantic dynamic. The USA is France’s largest trading partner outside of the EU but more importantly, it is the first foreign investor in France and the first destination of French investments. In 2010, Illinois was ranked third among the top States expanding in France. Today, the Chicago area is benefiting from some 200 French companies generating around 25.000 jobs. Those companies are active in many areas but especially strategic sectors and innovative industries : transit, water, energy and virtual connection. All of these areas will shape the economic future of this region and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

3. The success of this school is demonstrated through the growing demand and the necessity to expand further. By 2015, the French School will have a new home located in Ravenswood, a few blocks away from Mayor Emanuel’s residence. The inauguration of a state-of-the-art facility will also mark the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Lycée Français. This challenging project is being taken on by the whole community with the support of the City of Chicago.

4. Dear students, thanks to the dedication and support of your parents and teachers, you have received an outstanding and distinctive multicultural and multilingual education. You now have the tools to understand our ever changing world, to be part of globalisation, and to shape your own future. In other words, this education gives you the capacity to act as a responsible citizen of the world and, this is also important, to meet the requirements of the best universities in France, Europe and North America.

5. Je vous adresse toutes mes félicitations ainsi qu’à vos parents et aux enseignants qui vous ont accompagné dans votre parcours scolaire. Votre réussite, c’est également la leur et je sais qu’ils sont fiers de vous. Je vous souhaite de passer de bonnes vacances … et beaucoup de bonheur et de succès pour la suite.

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