Lycée Français de Chicago - End of the Year Celebration


Speech by Consul general of France Vincent Floreani on the occasion of the End of the Year Celebration of the Lycée Français de Chicago on June 1st, 2016.

Dear Friends,
Dear Students,

I would like to congratulate the faculty, the staff, the board members and all the parents who, day after day, are making the Lycée such a wonderful and successful place.

The French government is proud to have this great Lycée Français in Chicago:
It is a key asset to attract French and international expatriates. This is essential to develop the economic relations of France and of many countries with the Chicagoland.

The Lycée also helps raising generations of young American people who will speak the French language, understand the French culture, and become the architects of ever stronger links between the U.S and France.

The Lycée is already part of many events we organized, in particular the French Innovation week early May and the Food Week A la Carte Chicago in October.

We are also proud of this beautiful building:
This campus elevates your school - our school - to be one of North America´s top Lycées. It helps strengthen the visibility and pivotal role of Lycée Français in Chicago. This is the flagship of the francophone community in this city.

By buying a piece of land in Chicago, by building a green campus, you show how much you, as a French-American team, commit yourselves for the continuation of this success.

Finally, we know that we are all working for the good of our children:
With a Lycée education, you and me, as parents, are giving our children an indisputable advantage, preparing them to be at home in the world. The bilingual and trilingual education and culture that your children are acquiring here will be an invaluable asset in our globalized world!

The French government will continue to support the strong work which is being done in each classroom.
It will continue to support the Lycée, as it did by giving its guaranty for the loan of the new building. It will continue with the scholarships as well as for facilities for the French faculty´s career.

Merci beaucoup.

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