Jean-Baptiste MAIN de BOISSIERE
Consul General of France in Chicago

Jean-Baptiste MAIN de BOISSIERE was appointed Consul General of France in Chicago on February 9, 2007. Mr. Main de Boissière, a career diplomat, began his career as First Secretary at the French Embassy in Venezuela. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, France’s top school for civil service, as well as the Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, Mr. Main de Boissière has held positions in both the public and private sectors.

Prior to being posted in Chicago, Mr. Main de Boissière was assigned Special Representative for Business Affairs in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2003-2006, working to develop relationships between the Ministry and private businesses, assisting them to analyze political risks in emerging countries and supporting diplomats to work effectively with the private sector.

Mr. Main de Boissière also has a strong background in telecommunications. He has held the position of CEO of Orascom Telecom Holding (2000-2002) and France Télécom Mobiles International (1995-2000). He has been deeply involved in creating new management structures, strategies and organizations, as well as in the acquiring of licenses and the launch of new operations.

From 1993-95, Mr. Main de Boissière worked as the Telecommunications Advisor to the Minister for Trade and Industry. He played a significant role in public policy decisions such as the creation of a National Radio Agency, the liberalization of the telecommunications sector, and the statutory evolution of France Télécom.

Prior to these posts, Mr. Main de Boissière worked as Diplomatic Advisor (1987-89) to the General Directorate of Telecommunications and Chairman of the Telecom Experts group of the Council of the European Union under the French presidency (second semester, 1989). He also worked in Economic Affairs for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1984-87) on the European Community’s transport, environment and industrial policies as well as on the Eureka project for European technology.

Mr. Main de Boissière has also authored the book La Nouvelle Frontière de la Technologie Européenne (The New Frontier of European Technology), with Bertrand Warusfel and a foreword by the former French Prime Minister Raymond Barre.

Mr. Main de Boissière was born in St. Raphaël. He and his wife, Béatrice, have six children.

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