Memorandum of Understanding between Chicago Public School (CPS) and l’Académie de Paris

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and l’Académie de Paris have maintained a strong and fruitful educational and cultural collaboration for many years now. The signing of this agreement (Thursday 7th of July) will allow to further develop these ties between CPS and l’Académie de Paris.

This cooperative educational program between CPS and the Académie de Paris will facilitate student and teacher exchanges, promote new pedagogical practices, expand the international dimension in teaching and professional development in Chicago and Paris, and improve the partners’ educational systems. 

In order to improve the two educational systems and develop the international dimension in teaching, CPS and l’Académie de Paris will work to: 

- promote the learning of French language and culture in Chicago and the learning of English language and American culture in Paris, thus helping students achieve a higher academic level;
- craft a new educational model of which interculturalism will be an essential element;
- develop student, teaching assistant, teacher and teacher trainee exchanges;
- create new perspectives on professional development and new pedagogical tools for teachers and administrators in France and in the US;
- develop educational, cultural, and professional partnerships between the two cities.

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Last modified on 06/06/2012

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