Midwest: Official launch of France Alumni USA

Opening remarks by Consul General of France Vincent Floreani on the occasion of the official launch of France Alumni USA in the Midwest. The event was held at DePaul University.
Chicago, October 6th, 2016


Dear alumni, students, dear faculty and staff members,


I’m delighted to be with you this evening.
First of all, I would like thank our friends at DePaul University for hosting this event, especially Polly Mangerson, the new head of the French department, who kindly agreed to be the moderator of the event.

We cherish the deep and strong relations we have with DePaul, as we cherish the ties we have with many universities, academics and students throughout the Midwest.

I’m excited, together with the Cultural service and the representatives of Campus France, to launch “ France Alumni USA” a fantastic new initiative here in the Midwest.

“France Alumni USA” is for all of you who studied in France or who will be studying there in the coming years. Those of you who have already experienced the French touch in education know that this is an education that mixes both intellectual rigor and critical thinking.

I’m sure you all had a great experience in France. Because in France, you lived the French way, and enjoyed discovering the so called “French art de vivre”: culture, cuisine, wine and others.

I also hope you improved your French during your stay in our country. As you know, this is a beautiful yet tough language to learn. But I assure you it will open doors for you and offer a multitude of new opportunities for you to flourish both personally and professionally. Knowing French will give you access to new music, movies or culture in general; and make you stand out in the global job market, where French is a highly demanded asset. With dozens of French-speaking countries in almost all continents, the world will be at your fingertips!

There are definitely differences between our two countries, but these nuances in our ways of life, enrich us both.

You are now, or will be Ambassadors of the French language, the French culture, and the French education.

Each year, about 300,000 foreign students from all over the world study in France. France is the 3rd country of destination for international students, and the first non-English speaking country.

We are very proud that you have chosen France. You have or will establish a link with our country. And we want to keep the link alive.

The French ministry of Foreign Affairs created a web platform to make it possible for you and for us to keep in touch.

This is called France Alumni. It is being deployed in 70 countries on 5 continents. I am happy to officially launch France Alumni USA in the Midwest tonight.

Please, visit the site “France Alumni USA”; and register!


France Alumni USA will offer you:

- links with other students who studied in France a specific topic or in a specific university;
- jobs and internship offers;
- connections with French-American chambers of commerce and French or American companies;
- information on various scholarships.
- invitation to special events and networking opportunities

The France Alumni Platform is also a direct link to us. A link to the further development of the French-American friendship.

One last thing, if after the discussion, you wish to leave your testimony for a short video clip for our social media, let us know.

Merci beaucoup.




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