Chicago (IL) le 11 novembre 2010. Discours pronocé par le Consul général de France à l’occasion du parade de Veterans’ Day à Chicago.

Chicago (IL) November 11, 2010. Speech given by the Consul General of France on the occasion of the Veterans’ Day parade.




DEAR VETERANS, Dear Friends,

It is a great honor and privilege to be with you today to pay tribute to the american soldiers who sacrified their lives for France and Western Europe during world war I and world war II.

Thos soldiers gave their youth to France and the French people. Many did not return but they remain in our hearts and this Veterans’ Day Parade helps us remember them and the millions of people who lost their lives during this war.

Those American soldiers saved us and we will never forget.

African-American Soliders from the Eighth Illinois National Guard Regiment, wHich during the Great war came to be known as the 370th US Infantry, were among them. Having been brigaded with French troops, They are still remembered for their remarkable deeds and bravery.

I want you to know that for us, the French People, they are heroes. Gratitude and remembrance are forever in our souls.

This is a day of rememberance is dedicated to all veterans. Today, as we speak, yourn Frence and American soldiers fight together in Afghanistan for the defense of our shared values : Freedom and Democracy.

It is also a day of reflection, reflection about past and present times, reflection about peace and reconciliation.

Last year in Paris, Chancelor MERKEL, Head of Government of Germany, attended the official celebration of November 11th in Paris, on the invitation of the President of France, Nicolas SARKOZY. Today, in Chicago, I am glad the Mr. Nicolas POHR, Consul of Germany, has joined me to participate in this ceremony. The unique French-German relationship is a significant sign of hope and peace which has contributed to the successful european construction and to a strong transatlantic partnership.

Thank you.

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