Palais de Tokyo Principal Leaders in Chicago

Welcome Greetings by Consul General of France to president of the Palais de Tokyo Jean de Loisy and curator Katell Jaffrès. The Palais de Tokyo is in preliminary talks on future collaborations with Chicago. (March 30, 2016).

I am delighted to have the key leaders of the Palais de Tokyo here with us tonight.

The Palais de Tokyo is an exceptional institution in many ways. It is stunning by its size and its design. Spanning over 200,000 square feet in the heart of Paris along the Seine River, the building that is home to the Palais de Tokyo dates back to 1937, built on the occasion of the 8th International Exhibition of Arts and Technology in Paris.

It is also a dynamic institution, hosting numerous exhibitions – 30 just last year. The Palais de Tokyo is also committed to finding and supporting emerging talent; for example, the first large-scale solo exhibit of the Quistrebert brothers, winners of the Marcel Duchamp prize in 2014 is happening right now. Your dedication to discovering and showcasing new talent is only matched by your ability to draw in major established artists like the recently opened Jean-Michel Alberola exhibition, commissioned by Katell Jaffrès.

Furthermore, your business model is something for which to strive. Your opening hours are adjusted specifically to meet the needs of the public; art lovers are welcome to visit the Palais de Tokyo from noon to midnight. Your income makes up 60% of your budget, which is rare in Europe (and maybe in the United States as well). You have solid partnerships with a variety of businesses and foundations and have accomplished great collaborations with them.

Finally, the Palais de Tokyo is exceptional by the quality of the team responsible for it, especially the remarkable talents of Jean de Loisy. Your journey has been remarkable, from the Carré d’Art in Nimes, to the Cartier Foundation, to the Centre Pompidou and now, at the Palais de Tokyo. You are a true man of culture. You have a profound understanding of not only ancient and traditional art, but also contemporary and emerging art. Finally, you are committed to sharing this passion for culture, and you have done so successfully. Over 800,000 visitors make their way to the Palais de Tokyo every year. You are also responsible for organizing the magnificent event “La Nuit Blanche” or “All-Nighter” in English, during which Parisians have the chance to discover art all night long. Lastly, your TV and radio programs about art are extremely accessible to a general public.

We are privileged and delighted to have you here in Chicago not only because of the long list of reasons that make the Palais de Tokyo extraordinary, but also because your presence here tonight is at the heart of our mission; to deepen and strengthen the ties between France, Chicago, and the entire Midwest in all areas, including art and culture. We are already involved in significant art projects in Chicago including EXPO Chicago and the Chicago Architecture Biennial, and we are driven to strengthen these existing partnerships. Our partners are here with us tonight, and I encourage all of you to take this time to meet one another, discuss, share, and together, build new bridges for France and the United States.

Last modified on 31/03/2016

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