Share Your Story contest: Claire Winner of Week 1

Share your Story.... Claire, Winner of Week 1

Claire was an English assistant in the Académie d’Aix-Marseille in 2013-2014.

Living in Marseille, I discovered the beauty of the south of France. Marseille has a reputation among the French and the international community as being a grungy, dirty, and, according to some, dangerous city. But despite its reputation, I fell in love with Marseille from the very beginning.

The city and its residents are full of life, color, and energy. Marseille is intense, striking, and exudes a certain indescribable charm and beauty. In a word, it is insolite. My favorite part of Marseille was continuing to uncover these pockets of beauty scattered throughout the city.

One of my favorite places, where I spent countless evenings with good friends and equally good bottles of French wine, was Notre Dame de la Garde. We would hike up there just before the sunset to watch as the Mediterranean and our beloved city were soaked in shades of pink and gold. We spent hours talking, laughing, and drinking as la Bonne Mère shone bright above us. Even on nights when le mistral would attempt to blow us away, those sunsets were simply magical.



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Claire’s friend, Christina, receives the price on her behalf by consul general Vincent Floreani in Chicago, a bottle of French Champagne Heidsieck Monopole. Congratulations!”

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