Suzanne, Winner of Week 3!

Our family is just back from visiting our French exchange student in Paris. I told French people of my American grandfather from Chicago who served with the U.S. Army for four years in France from 1914 to 1918.

My father also served in the U.S. Army and was captured and escaped from the Ardennes in World War II. Every French person told me, We remember what the Americans did for our country.

This is our family’s one hundred year celebration of family and friendship with France. My grandfather returned to France in 1953 and I am enclosing a picture of his French guide book and postcards.

After spending Thanksgiving in Paris with our two teenage sons, we were impressed with the hospitality and friendliness of the French people and we can’t wait to return.

Vive la France!


Suzanne’s family from Wilmette (IL) received the prize on her behalf, a bottle of French Champagne Heidsieck Monopole.

Paris Tourist Office - Official Website
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• History, remembrance, tourism and culture: go to Chemin de mémoire

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Last modified on 15/12/2014

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