The Paris French Tech Ticket is Here: Develop Your Start-Up in France

Get your ticket to Paris and launch your start-up in a unique ecosystem! Application review starts in June, and the first winners are expected in France in January of 2016.

As part of the French Tech initiative, France is launching the le Paris French Tech Ticket to attract foreign entrepreneurs wishing to create or develop their start-up in Paris.

A Creative Ecosystem: France Welcomes Startups !

A breeding ground for hubs and talents buzzing with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, France welcomes start-ups and encourages their development: creating jobs and value, startups are meant to grow internationally and draw talents and investors from all over the world.

With more than 40 incubators, 80 co-working spaces, 20 fablabs, more than 1,500 new startups every year and more success stories every day, Paris has shown remarkable vitality, acknowledged by international rankings.

Paris French Tech Ticket: Develop your Start-Up in Paris !

The vitality of an innovation ecosystem depends on the diversity of its members: the « French Tech Ticket » program aims to attract global entrepreneurs with an ambitious project, already created or still in its development stages.

The Paris French Tech Ticket is the first pilot session, with a view to extend the project to all French Tech Cities in 2016.

This program, which includes a € 12,500 6-month stipend for each team member, free lodging and numerous subsidies, is designed for foreign entrepreneurs from all over the world, who might already be in France – completing their studies for example. There can be between 1 and 3 founders, with a maximum of one French national per team.
50 entrepreneurs are expected for the first 6-month session in Paris.

A first experiment will be launched in Paris starting in September of 2015:

• June 2015: platforms opens and projects can be submitted
• September 15, 2015: Application deadline
• December 2015: winners are announced
• January 2016: first winners arrive in France.

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Last modified on 09/09/2015

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