Workshop on dairy products with French Scientists in the U.S.

The Office for Science and Technology at the French consulate in Chicago promotes collaborations between French and American scientists to exchange and share knowledge in the field of food science and especially dairy products, which are part of the area of France’s expertise at the national level.

In 2012, two scientists from INRA (the French National Institute for Agricultural Research) came to the U.S. to, for Frédéric Gaucheron, assist and speak at the symposium « Cheese Ripening & Technology » in Madison, and, for Dr. Catherine Hurtaud, to present her works on the quality of milk production to American researchers from the Universities of Wisconsin and Iowa. The goal of these presentations was to show the research topics and the research center in France about the dairy products in order to use the common skills to advance scientific research in this field.

Following those events, the Office for Science and Technology in Chicago will host a workshop next July with the presence of six researchers from INRA / Agrocampus-Rennes:
- Frédéric GAUCHERON
- Catherine HURTAUD (Control of nutritional and technological quality of milk: lipids (milk fat globules) and calcium)
- Catherine DISENHAUS teacher-researcher from Agrocampus Ouest (reproduction and rearing systems; competition lactation/reproduction/animal stocks)
- Nadège EDOUARD researcher (Environnemental evaluation of dairy systems: nitrogen balances at the animal scale (RedNex EU project) and gas emissions (NH3 and GHG) at the animal and system levels (manure management - AnimalChange EU project and national projects)
- Sophie LEMOSQUET researcher (protein and AA metabolism in dairy cow, mammary metabolism - Modelling of metabolic flux in synthesis of milk constituents (metabolic computer) - Optimization of AA supply for dairy cows (European project Rednex): best AA profile of diet)
- Jocelyne FLAMENT teacher-researcher (Phenotyping aptitudes of mammary glands to milk storage; mammary metabolism)

The objectives of this workshop are to present thematics of the researchers and of their research team. The final objective is to create collaborations, for example by sharing PhD projects and students between INRA (UMR PEGASE) and University of Madison.

Last modified on 17/06/2013

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