French Heritage Corridor


The French Heritage Corridor is dedicated to developing synergy and raising the collective awareness about the rich French history and heritage that has, since the 17th century, melded with the vibrant multicultural landscape in what is today the Midwestern United States.

The mission of the FHC consists in:

- promoting French historical sites and communities to the public and educating about the significance of the French presence in 7 States along or near the Mississippi, a vast region comprised in what was once la Nouvelle France.

- offering tools to the public such as a map of the sites and a calendar of upcoming French-related historical events accessible from its website.


- providing a wide range of stakeholders with the necessary support to stimulate community-powered cultural and economic development, integrating cultural preservation and education.

The French Heritage Corridor (FHC) is an initiative of the French Heritage Society - Chicago Chapter whose mission is to promote longstanding ties between France and the US and to support French heritage sites and communities in the Midwest through restoration grants and other programs.

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GIFILLINOIS • October 17, 2023. Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society’s 6th annual Fleur-de-Lis Celebration Dinner and open house at Bourbonnais Grove Log Schoolhouse which was recently given the status as a village of Bourbonnais and a Kankakee County historic landmark. Built with original wood from the 1800s, the schoolhouse is adorned with artifacts from when the structure originally was developed in 1837. The schoolhouse (1837-1848) later became the home of French-Canadian families until 2010.
Photo: Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society

JPEGILLINOIS • August 19, 2023, Consul General Yannick Tagand participated in the 205th DuSable Memorial Commemoration and Wreath Laying ceremony, an annual event recognizing the legacy of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable (1745-1818), reputed as the Founder of Chicago, and his Potawatomi family. It was also the occasion to celebrate the invaluable contribution of various communities to the history and development of Chicago and the Midwest.
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PNGWISCONSIN • June 15-16, 2023, 3rd Annual Conference of the French Heritage Corridor. On June 15-16, the French Heritage Corridor (FHC) held its third annual conference in Prairie du Chien (WI) in the presence of Consul General Yannick Tagand and the organization’s regional stakeholders. Discussions on the development of tourism and education of French heritage and history in the Midwest, the actions already achieved by the FHC and its priorities for the future were the main focus of the conference. The event took place during the Marquette & Jolliet 350th Expedition celebations.
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GIFILLINOIS • Nov. 15, 2022, official inauguration ceremony of the reconstruction of Bourbonnais Grove’s first log schoolhouse (1827-48) and its designation as historic landmark.
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PNGMISSOURI • Sept. 13-15, 2022, French Ambassador Philippe Etienne presents the FHC initiative to the mayors of the Mississippi Valley during the annual Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative meeting (MRCTI) in St. Louis.

The French Heritage Corridor is a wonderful opportunity to forge people-to-people connections, cultural and educational exchanges, partnerships in science and higher education, and expanded prospects for business which will pave the way for growing local development and tourism.»
Photo: Lisa Kahn, FHC Director and Ambassador Etienne.

This video is an extract of: MRCTI Annual Meeting Documentary September 2022 in St. Louis

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